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Powerleveling - - Powerlevel Review

Vendors offering powerleveling, they level your chars for you. We are going to review a lot of powerlevel sellers on WOW, Aion, AOC, EQ2, FFXI, STO, etc.

Powerleveling - - Powerlevel Review

Postby admin » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:02 pm

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LAST UPDATED, 03/22/2010

If you have bought from, please share your experiences by replying to this thread. Powerleveling Review: Is it safe to buy powerleveling from

It seems like a scamming website using very cheap prices and SEO to bring people to their website.

From their about us:

Our company is registered as a legal corporation in Chinese Department of Economic and Social Affairs'. We own professional level rooms and expert players. We attach great importance to the order of every single customer and cherish all the cooperation opportunities with customers. Credit is our life and we won't play any joke on it, please do believe.

From their homepage:

CopyRight © 2005-2010 YOYO GAMESTORE All rights reserved.
Site Developer By:YGS

We will make a bit more digging about YGS (YoyoGameStore)

What is worth as far as powerleveling is concerned?

Reliability 0/10
Scammers. No credential and almost no customer satisfied (we found 8/256)...

Safety: 2/10
No guarantees and extremely high problem rate:

To our knowledge: <50% problem rate / >30% satisfaction / ~30% bans / 50% rip off since sept 2008

Ease of Use 7/10
They got everything needed for you to monitor the powerleveling. Their website is extremely nice and functional.

Delivery 2/10
The delivery is faster than you would expect! They got your account suspended in a few days. Powerleveling Game Selection:

- Runescape II
- Lotro
- Aion
and a few other games

Reputation: 0/10
They got an horrible reputation. Thousands of warnings when you google review...

Website Security: 0/10
Looking pro, but you can never trust scammers.

Ingame safety: 0/10
In their hands, your account will not be safe at all! There are hundreds of reports about them botting, rmting and so on. Feel free to read the last part of this review.

Should you buy Powerleveling from

Is a reliable company to buy powerleveling from? Is safe to buy from? Do they have the cheapest prices? How cheap is compared to other sellers? We hope that you can make your decision after reading our review. If you can't make up your mind, feel free to consult more powerleveling reviews:

Powerleveling Forum

Conlusion: 0/10 rating place among the scammers. They are taking advantage of google inability to filter scammers who rely on abusive URL (in their case to get on the top of google SERPs.

There are litteraly hundreds of warnings on the web. Avoid them at all cost!

Digging their terms, faq, about us and YGS:

To digg a scam network, you have to rely on the laziness of its actors. They will copy and paste massive amounts of content from a site to another.

We chose to digg the most painful parts: about us, terms&conditions, privacy policy (+ FAQ) and about our service.

OMG ! It looks like we found a scam artist network!!!

Here is what we found: => redirected to

Mining the Web:

Complaint Boards

Company information:
United States

Basically placed an order they do some retarded ass international text message confirmation, who even has international text in the US. If you don't have that which most people don't they request that you send a valid ID over seas...WTF. Then after that stunt I actually requested a refund and was told no, so I looked into their expired copyright they have listed and there is no such thing. I also was unable to locate their Terms & Conditions and called them out on it, sure enuff 20 mins later there was a T & C. So out of curiosity I wanted to see what this operation looked like and it was a freaking broken link. I filed a charge back with PayPay in order to receive my money back since they refused. Here is a list off all of their websites under the BS fake copyright:

Dustin Popham
Express Money Methods



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Judy Will serve for you : )

Judy said:(7:09:53 PM)nice day, what can i do for u

You said:(7:19:14 PM)check why i havent recieved a code on my phone, and im also wondering if i will get my order.

my char name is: Deathwake, Server: Korgath, Horde-US, Game: World of Warcraft. ive already given ur site this information but it seems you will need it again, i orded 10, 000gold for 37.7US Dollars

Judy said:(7:22:00 PM)char name plz

sec plz

can u tell me the code here plz

You said:(7:23:24 PM)i never got a code on my phone, i have been waiting for it for 3 hours now

my phone # is 1-620-482-4680

Judy said:(7:23:53 PM)sec plz (...)
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