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IGE Review

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Ease of Use
Website Security
Ingame Safety
Customer Support
Rating: 4.5/5 (677 votes cast)

IGE Review

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Ease of Use
Website Security
Ingame Safety
Customer Support
Rating: 4.3/5

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IGE Review

Our Indepth Review


IGE is a living legend amongst the pioneers of the virtual currency and services industry. Since we are here to help you make the best deal we won’t go on and on about IGE’s history. Like all pioneers, they started their business when people had pretty low expectations and when the market was not mature enough for them to be confronted to delivery, supply and customer satisfaction. In 2009, the market has evolved and they managed to stay the gamer’s best choice. They operate the world’s largest secure network for buying or selling game currency in MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online roleplaying games). As we decided to elaborate this website, IGE was a sort of milestone to evaluate other website. Over time, it became one of the top 20 websites and we started to notice that other companies did a pretty fair job. It is only after a close and comprehensive evaluation of our shortlist (over 50 websites) that it clearly appeared to be the real leader. Here is why we definitely think you can trust IGE.

Ease of use

IGE got everything that make a website a model in terms of ease of use. The user will immediately realize that the site is of potential use to them or not and the great readability of the website will help you find your way to what you need in a few seconds. The navigation system is really functional and easy to spot. They also got a really short URL that is pretty easy to remember and type and even during US prime time the download times are really fast.

The only weakness of their site at the moment is their homepage that is far too long which is a shame since all their credentials can be verified.

To make it even easier, you can make purchases without registering. Nonetheless, you’ll be rewarded if you register with extras like scheduled delivery times, eligibility for prize drawings and MyIGE points (earned with every purchase) that you can exchange for bonuses and discounts.


IGE provides fast e-mail and live support responses even if they don’t take incoming calls yet many of you might have encountered difficulties with IGE a few years ago. In 2009, IGE is not only having a really reliable customer’s service, but all their credentials are easy to check. They managed to get a green bizrate with more than 25000 customer’s reviews since 2002 and 90% satisfaction over the last month.

Of course some website will claim they have offices in the USA but is it the only way you have to rate the reliability of a website? To be perfectly honest their customer’s support is far better than SOE’s one that is based in San Fransisco with American employees that have really no knowledge of the games SOE sells or the way they work. Not to mention that even Ebay doesn’t have a customer service phone number…

The only way to know for sure what a virtual goods seller is worth, is to keep a website rating them and giving you the opportunity to rate your purchase experience and keep a trace of everything. That’s mainly why we decided to clear that jungle.

IGE’s customer service continue to improve since 2008. The average response time via live chat is less than a minute. Their agents will give fair responses and little copied and pasted answers. They obviously have less customers to serve at the same time and their response time is much better. The customer service agents were polite and patient. Their English was quite good as long as you don’t trash talk them. Keep in mind that communication isn’t a one sided thing. They are doing their job really well. At the moment, they only call their customers for fraud prevention measures, this could become a hurting point in the future.

It’s also one of the very few sellers who have a real anti-spam policy.

IGE has served 104917 customers according to the Paypal record. Over 5000 customers have already reviewed the company on Bizrate, giving it a 8.7 overall.

Press and web release

IGE is one of the website that appears in all reviews ratings MMORPGs services company and almost every article on the subject.

Bizrate Rating

Bizrate Detailed Rating

Bizrate Rating

Alexa Rank


bizmedal Alexa Certified Site Stats for www.ige.com PageRank


Here is their graph on compete. (U.S. panel stats)

Web monitoring, Complaints and rip-off boards, web release

IGE has been absent from complaints boards for almost a year now. Even when there is a dispute they respond and try to solve the issue.



Through IGE you may buy currency. If you opt to buy an account, you will be redirected to accounts.com. You may also sell currency, but must negotiate your transaction by email or instant messenger with representatives.

IGE’s buying process may look standard but it is very well designed and will help you get what you want as fast as possible. The whole process is well documented in the FAQ and their live support will help you if you still need more details. Their forms quality is outstanding.

If you are ordering a large amount of currency, they will call you to confirm your order and ID. It’s as much a way to protect themselves than a credible way to look even safer and answer any questions you might have.

You can choose when you want the currency delivered and any other instructions.

You can use a variety of payment options including Paypal, credit card, personal check, money order and even wire transfers. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Repeat customers

They only use coupons code.

Pricing Policy

The prices on IGE are very consistent across servers and factions. They are not the lowest priced on the market, but when you take into consideration all of the extra work and effort it takes to provide the best service, it’s worth the money.

We checked the exchange rates for three months (and keep testing every website) and they are consistent day after day. They also offer 24-hour price protection and offer comparable price matching.

I’m not going to go on and on about prices since one of the purposes of our site is to help you to sort websites out. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the money or not, that’s why we made it a pricing policy section more than a plain pricing review.


We placed our order for 2000 gold via Pay Pal and received our confirmation page instantly. Within about 4 hours from our order confirmation we received a trade from one of their agents. We quickly acquired our 2000 gold and with amazing speed and ease. Delivery was made face-to-face. No need to run to Stormwind. He came to us and delivered. Fast, friendly, efficient. Stunning. We were rather pleased with the ease of the purchase. Of course, AH method is way easier and safer but it costs much more. It would still be nice if they could implement it.

Feature set

IGE is available in seven different languages and you can convert a price into eight different currencies-the site will cater to almost anyone. We will add a few of the features that we didn’t already documented above.


Their FAQ is clear and really good overall. You will find everything you need in it.

Order tracking

You can track your order using one of three different methods, through a cookie, through the transaction number that you receive by email after you make a purchase or through your IGE account if you were logged in at the time of purchase. This makes it easy to estimate when you will receive your order.


They got a refund policy if anything goes wrong.


IGE offers discounts that really work for repeat customers.


This service provides free estimates on the value of your products so you can determine if it’s worth your time to try and sell some of your gaming goods.


It’s typically the kind of site you can choose if you don’t want your buying experience to become a lottery one. If you don’t feel that buying virtual money is like going to a casino, IGE is the right choice. They are a safe choice to purchase virtual currency.

They are a professional company to deal with. Of course you can’t compare them to mature markets’ leader yet.

IGE got everything you need. Technically they are outstanding. Their customer service is really impressive. Their website offers every possible feature to make your purchase easy, safe and fast. Every single part of the purchase process shows how reliable they are. The only thing that we will advise them to do is to provide a phone number to their customers (even if phone verification provides an alternative way to reach them) and to tighten up their homepage to give a better view of their credentials without having to scroll through the never ending 100% guarantee and anti-spam policies.

When they say, they are doing everything they can to improve their services and please their customers, that they want to act as stewards of this growing market, we really believe them. That’s one of their strengths, promises are followed by actual tangible actions.

For everything that was said in this review, we are awarding IGE two rewards, top10 customer service and top 10 trusted website.


They have been maintaining an overall excellent service these last months. Focusing on making their job well is the key of their success. Even if they don’t have a vast selection of games, they maintain a great price consistency and overall competitiveness. They waited a few weeks before providing Aion Kinah. Obviously they wanted to make things right and avoid delivery issues and complaints.

Great job !

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