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Finding the right vendor can be tedious and risky. Our reviews will help you find what you need whether you are looking for WOW Gold, Aion Kinah, EvE ISK, EQ2 Plat, AOC Gold, L2 Adena...

We are reviewing vendors and updating everything monthly since 2009. We are also collecting thousands of comments and ratings about most sellers. We are working on integrating the comments in our new websites.

Trusted Vendors

This is a list of the most reliable and efficient sellers on the web. We gathered users feedbacks, reviewed their website and we have purchased from them. Those sites are the best in terms of reliability, delivery and availability.

In our opinion the most important aspects of a virtual goods purchase is the overall reliability of the seller, because it doesn't matter if you spend one dollar more, what matters is that you will actually receive what you have paid for in a reasonable time, with no harms and possible bans for your character. Most of the time, you get what you pay for.

We know you care about the whole purchasing process. The security of our money is what matters. That's why we only list websites who have shown to be realible dealers over the years, have good feedbacks from their customers and so on (Feel free to check how we work on our methodology page). All listed sites use secure connections and are known to perform secure transactions only. Feel free to consult our game pages to check our ranking per game.

LAST UPDATED September 2010

We are still updating the website and revamping it. Forums migration is 100% complete. Read them first!

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